Quartermasters sources, qualifies, imports and distributes the broadest, quality range of connected devices. It's not our ambition to distribute the biggest range, but the best range.


To ensure that we can reach every corner of the globe, Quartermasters maintains 3 separate warehouses in 3 strategically placed locations. Each warehouse facility has been setup to not just offer optimal time-till-delivery for the products that we distribute, but also to deliver goods to the best possible standard.

China warehouse

Situated in Shenzhen close to ports in both China and Hong Kong.

European warehouse

Centrally located in Poland for speedy, pan-European reach.

USA warehouse
United States

Centrally located in the Midwest near major transportation hubs. Providing specialized services including building and customised packaging.


Our partnerships straddle the globe and are of key importance to Quartermasters' outreach. They start with us qualifying just the right suppliers and just the right devices. And they conclude with us ensuring that we only sell to resellers who provide value-add service, understand what they're selling, and provide stellar product support.

If you believe that your company can enhance Quartermasters' value-add chain of distribution and supply, please get in touch.